Friday, October 28, 2016

Summer Is Gone But Not Forgotten

"Everything has to come to an end, sometime"    L. Frank Baum

The transition from summer to fall is typically gradual on the north coast of Oregon.  It also offers some of the year's nicest  weather.  This fall however the transition has been abrupt.  It began to rain early in October and to date, my rain gauge has measured over 13 inches!

Several of the storms delivered high winds so my once beautiful garden has been laid flat and torn to shreds.  As I was cleaning out the garden plot the other day I was amazed how a hand full of seeds can grow into such an abundant crop of flowers and vegetables in less than four month.  In June, I sowed eleven corn seeds and by early September, I harvested two dozen ears of sweet corn.  I also planted one tomato plant and before the deer discovered it, we feasted on seven small but very tasty tomatoes.  

The garden also produced hundreds of flowers in a near endless array of textures and colors.  I grow the flowers because they add beauty to our year, and they feed the bees and the soul bees.