Sunday, July 19, 2015

Early Morning Wanderings


Sunrise over the Columbia River looking east to Tongue Point

Yesterday was one of the rare days in Astoria when the temperature exceeded eighty degrees.  When I retired for the evening, the temperature in the bed room had finally dropped to eighty-one degrees so we slept with the windows opened.  That only happens about three times per year for us!

Just before sun rise, the fog began to move on shore so the temperature quickly drops.  It and can also make for a spectacular sun rises if the timing is right.  Today was one of those lucky days!

After a quick stop for my morning coffee, I decided to take a drive up river and make a visit to the Twilight Creek Eagle Sanctuary.  As I drove, it occurred to me that it’s been nearly two months since I last drove this far east up the river.  Never mind that the sanctuary is less than fifteen miles from my house; I need to get out of town a little more often.


Early morning light at the Twilight Creek Eagle Sanctuary

It’s not typical to see a bald eagle this time of the year but it’s still worth making the trip.