Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Drizzle, Mizzle, - Whatever!

Yesterday was one of those miserable days on the coast; it drizzled pretty much the entire day. In addition to the extremely low light levels, you got soaked if you ventured outside. How is it possible for such tinny drops of water to get you so wet?

I spent most my day building new a set stairs into the basement; so every time I need to cut a piece of wood, I ventured outside into the drizzle and got soaked. To my amazement, the project was completed in less than one day and only required two trips to the lumber yard. Without a doubt, I set a new personal best for a home repair projects.

Today’s task will be to untangle the ball of wires also known as the Christmas lights. I need to find the bad bulb which has caused half of the string to go dark. Sounds like another fun project right! It’s very likely that by noon I will have retired to the “big box warehouse” and purchased a replacement set.

The photo was taken from my front porch at about three PM, it gives you an idea of what the weather was like all day yesterday.


Paul said...

You're getting better and better. You have lots of time to get hone your skills, now. :-)

Amy said...

That must have been some wicked weather.

I, just went through that light detangling process last night, but fortunately, I didn't have to deal with the frustrating challenge of a burnt out bulb.

I have "The Mayflower" by my bedside. I've been dragging my feet on reading it. Thanks for the jump start!