Friday, September 18, 2009

Frazzled Rubeckia

I have been in the mist of painting the house for the past two weeks and feel as frazzled as the rubeckia in the above image. It probably was not the wisest idea to undertake such a project in the middle of September but my plan was to only do two sides, so what did I have to lose!

Typical of any project, the plan has been beset with set back and a steady stream of challenges. The sides I am attempting to paint face the south and west and thus receive direct sun light throughout much of the day. This coupled with the fact that the fiber-cement siding warms very quickly, it sometimes feels like I am attempting to push mud with a stick instead of spreading paint with a brush.

To overcome the hot siding and quick drying paint, I have been painting in the predawn hours on the few mornings that have been fog free. Fortunately, there is a street light just across the street so illumination is available. My wife even offered use of her head lamp; thanks dear!

I now have a better appreciation for why it took Michelangelo so long to paint the Sistine Chapel.


Earl said...

Steve, I had to chuckle, not that I'm taking joy in your pain, but more as a nervous laugh of relief--it's not me!!

Are you finished?

Steve Skinner said...

Earl, If you ever saw the movie called the Money Pit, you recognize the expression "two weeks!"

Shelby said...

ahh good luck with all the painting..

Earl said...

Steve, I've been on the loosing end of "two weeks" more times then I care to remember and I think the movie, "The Money Pit," is hilarious.

Anita Jesse said...

I suppose we all should learn to estimate the maximum time a project should consume, then double that figure. We never seem to foresee how many roadblocks we will encounter.