Thursday, October 29, 2009

Everything Is Bad For You

I was cleaning one of the shelves in our home library the other day and ran across the classic work by David French titled Everything Is Bad For You, An A to Z Guide To What You Never Knew Could Kill You.

I offer the following excerpt taken from page 18 for your consideration.

Carpenter, Being A -- Save a carpenter: buy plastic furniture. The dust produced while making furniture, cabinets, and other wood products can lead to cancer of the nasal cavities and sinuses.

I wonder what became of the carpenter who hand crafted the door shown in my photo? In the days that the cabin was build, he likely took few considerations for personal safety.


Earl said...

I think almost everything has been determined to be dangerous to us these days. Perhaps years ago we were not careful enough, but we are often overly careful now...we're all going to die of something! :-)

Steve Skinner said...

Right you are Earl!

Anita Jesse said...

I agree. I suppose it's good to know some things we should avoid. Still, it's almost as if our society is buying into the notion that if we run around afraid of everything, we will get out of this alive. As you guys said, "Ain't gonna happen."

By the way, I'd rather have the wooden door.

Steve Skinner said...

I also have wooden doors, they weigh a ton each and add lots of character to the house.

Nancy Lewis said...

Nice shot!

Steve Skinner said...

Thanks Nancy, I have an odd connection to old buildings.