Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Painting This Old House

Anyone who has ever owned a home knows there are few task more daunting than painting the exterior of a big old house.  At the onset the project seems so simple, choose appropriate paint colors, purchase the paint, power wash the structure, than spread the paint.  If the project was only that simple!

Although our house is not the city’s oldest, it’s birth dates back to the late 1800’s.  It therefore comes as no surprise that before the painting can begin several sections of siding will need repair or replacement.  Over the past one hundred years of its  life, the house has also developed more than a few cracks cracks.  If previously caulked, all cracks must be inspected and recaulked as necessary.

When I began the project on July 1st, I estimated that the job would be completed in less than four weeks.  Even though the two sides to be painted were the highest, what could possible keep me from accomplishing my goal?  Apparently the weather failed to understand my plan as much of July and August we were shrouded in constant fog and drizzle both of which make painting a challenge. 

house-paint (2 of 2)

Painting a tall house requires several ladders of various lengths.  If you ever need a ladder, give me a call because I have four and they range in length between eight and thirty-two feet.  My assistance is however not included in this offer!


house-paint (1 of 2)

This is the view of Astoria I enjoyed while painting the peak of our house.


house-paint (1 of 1)

A view of the nearly completed job taken between rain showers the last week of August.

At times it seems as if the work of a home owner never ends!


Earl said...

Steve, your house is looking great and the view from the peak almost, and I do mean almost, makes up for the dreaded job of painting. You live in a beautiful place!

Thanks for the offer on those ladders...but if they don't come with help I'm afraid I'll have to say no! ;-)

Deanna said...

What a beautiful place to live. You wouldn't catch me on any of those ladders. I'd have ot be a cheerleader. Great job and good luck in completing it.

Love the view.

Steve Skinner said...

Earl, I suppose by the time you paid for shipping to the east coast it might be cheaper to hire someone in the first place!

Steve Skinner said...

Thanks Deanna! Clearly the best way to enjoy a view of the Columbia River is to just walk the three blocks down the hill and leave the ladder home.

monstev said...

Wow, what a view from the ladder! And, I must say you've done a great job on the house. Yes, the up-keep on a house is so much more than on my condo. :-)

Steve Skinner said...

Thanks Monte! If Better Homes and Gardens offer to build my dream home, I would request that it be made only of concrete and stainless steel.

Pamela said...

Now that I know where you live -- I'll call you n ext time we drive through.
(maybe 2020, ha ha)

Steve Skinner said...

Give us a call anytime you are in town; we can do lunch.