Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Planned Spontaneity

As a couple, the lovely wife and I could be described in many ways, but being spontaneous is clearly not one of them!  So it was a great surprise that with little planning we made an overnight trip to the Columbia Gorge to visit the Maryhill Museum of Art.  Several weeks ago I read that the museum was hosting a display of graphic novel art, aka comic book art, and as a librarian, I thought that my wife might enjoy such a show.  Since the museum is over three hours east of us, it’s not exactly a quick trip.  It was a surprise to the both of us that we actually found a date that was mutually acceptable; for us, that’s spontaneous! 

Since the Maryhill Museum is located sort of “on the edge of no where”, you have to drive through the length of the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area.  With the hardwoods in full fall color while being illuminated by rapidly changing storm light, life doesn’t get much better.  

When I think of the gorge, two things always come to mind,  rock and water.  While passing through the gorge, your eyes are constantly scanning the spires of basalt that tower above or the multicolored waters of the Columbia River below.

gorge (1 of 1)


gorge (1 of 1)

As you travel from west to east through the gorge, the annual precipitation decreases rapidly and so do the trees.  By the time you exit the gorge and enter the Columbia plateau, the vegetation is predominately grass and sage brush.  The color pallet is reduced, but there is landscape is still incredible beautiful especially when sun’s rays hit the earth at a very low angle.

 gorge (1 of 1)-2

In the past few years, wind turbines have begun to spring up in nearly every direction.  I could have stood for hours and watch them slowly spin had it not been for the cold west wind powering the turbines.

Before ending, I suppose that someone reading might be interested in the graphic novel art show.  Apparently, mythological figures and super heroes are all the rage in comic books these days.  I viewed over three dozen drawings and honestly understood only three.  The work of the artists was first rate but I just failed to connect at any level.  I guess all of this should come as any surprise when I tell you that my favorite comics are BC and Blondie.


Ralph said...

Nice pictures. I completely understand the concept of spontaneity when trying to do things with your wife. The spontaneity for us deciding to do X. Once we decide then we can find a time to lock down. If we don't schedule our spontaneity, it never happens.

Steve Skinner said...

Thanks Ralph. I recently was reading about a person who claims that she adheres to no schedule or routine. Somehow I doubt that!

Pamela said...

have driven past that museum hundreds (well close) of times

Always think I'm going to stop. never do

Steve Skinner said...

Pamela, stop sometime for a visit. The collection is best described as eclectic but you would be hard pressed to not find something that would catch you eye.

Deanna said...

Maybe it is a middle age thing not connectinig with the mythological/super heroes stuff. Blondie is ageless.

Great pictures. I had to laugh at the planned spontaneity title.

Steve Skinner said...

Deanna, I agree with the middle age thing!!!