Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Little Storm Light


Beards Hollow (1 of 1)

Beards Hollow looking west


It’s been a beautiful summer on the north coast of Oregon; since early July we have received only a trickle of precipitation.  On Tuesday, we received nearly two inches of badly needed rain.  The rest of the week has seen partly cloudy skies with periodic showers.

I decided this morning to make a trip to Beards Hollow to see what the landscape had to offer.  Since the tourist traffic has thinned, I was confident that the park would be nearly empty.  I arrive moments after the ranger opened the gate only to discover that my annual park pass expired yesterday.  The fine for not displaying a valid pass is ninety-nine dollars so I quickly made my way to the park office to purchase a renewal.

With a new pass in hand, I was rewarded with a brief display of “storm light”.  Ten minutes later, the skies were solid gray.


monstev said...

I have learned a new phrase today and will use it in the future: "storm light."

Steve Skinner said...

Monte, you get lots of it in Colorado.

Paul said...

Yeah, those fines are always pretty stiff. I'm glad that you discovered your situation before the ranger did! :)

Looks like you made it just in time for the beautiful light. I love storm light - right before a thunderstorm, or right after it. It's quite different.

Steve Skinner said...

Paul, I agree, storm light is the best.