Wednesday, November 14, 2007

America’s First National Park

In the past forty years, I have been blessed to be able to visit Yellowstone National Park and explore its majasty in every season of the year. Without a doubt, my most memorable trip was during December of 1997. On that trip, I did not take my camera so the photos I am sharing today were made during our visit in October of 2004.

This is how Old Faithful Geyser looked during 1/60 of a second on October 7, 2004. If you want to see how it looks today, visit the Old Faithful web cam and see for yourself. You will need to be patient because it does not erupt on demand!

When you visit the park, be sure to take time to take a look inside of the Old Faithful Inn; the interior lobby is without equal!

This view of the inn was taken in October of 2004 while standing near the thermal basin looking west.

I know that you will enjoy your visit!

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