Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Life In Politics - I Thing Not

I was recently cleaning out some old papers and found this picture of my ninth grade civics class trip. At King Philip Regional High School, it was tradition for civics classes to make a trip to Boston and tour the State House. It also gave you a chance to meet your state senator and hopefully learn something about the workings of government and the political process.

As I studied the picture, it occurred to me why I was never suited for a life in politics. One, a politician would not likely be standing in the back row; note where Senator Quinlan stood. Secondly, politicians tend to smile incessantly; again note Senator Quinlan.

I suppose the biggest reason my life in politics never got off the ground is because I am too prone to say exactly what’s on my mind. That is definitely a fatal flaw for any want-a-be politician!

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