Friday, February 8, 2008

A Matched Set of One

My last official duty at work was to deal with the thirty years of accumulated stuff in my office and truck. My first thought was to box everything up and take it home and carefully sort thought it over the next few months. As I pulled several of the books from the shelves, the deep layer of dust told me it had been a good long while since most of them had moved let along read! At this point, I decided upon the following rule, if it has a serious layer of dust; it got tossed into the recycling bin. By the time the purging was completed, I had more than half filled a fifty-five recycling container. I even tossed a number of text books as changes in technology have rendered them suitable only for use as a door stop!By the time the task was completed, I left for home with the following:

1.) 42 assorted text books and field guides

2.) two pair of caulk boots

3.) one pair of fire boots

4.) two complete sets of rain gear

5.) ten pair of assorted gloves and five pair of wool socks and numerous hats

Up closer inspection, I learned that several of the gloves belonged to a matched set of one! Where its mate went to, I haven't a clue.

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