Sunday, February 24, 2008

The New Toy

Now that I am retired, I have been searching for ways to increase the fun factor during my near daily workouts. To this end, I purchased a pass to the city’s aquatic center because in addition to the pools, they have a pretty well equipped exercise room. The addition of a couple of weekly sessions on the elliptical trainer and a pass through a few of the weight stations has definitely added not only variety but a great deal of fun to boot.

Upon my first visit to the exercise room, I realized that everyone was sporting an iPod; I was definitely the only one not tuned in and turned on! It was at this point that I noticed the rules sign that clearly stated that the only type of music device allowed were those with earphones. So clearly if I wanted to listen to music or pod casts while working out, a personal player was a necessity.

A quick visit to and five days later, I was the proud owner of a Scandisk mp3 player. I quickly opened the box and was impressed that I was able to actually make the thing work without reading the directions! I did notice that the enclosed instructions were surprisingly only eight pages in length. It all seemed so easy until I attempted to download a pod cast and listen to it on my shinny new toy. I spent nearly an hour in total frustration before resorting to the directions which directed me to the manufacturer’s web site for additional assistance. After surfing the site for another ten minutes, I finally found the entire instruction manual which is 39 pages in length!

Why ever did I think that an mp3 player was going to add quality and joy to my life!

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