Thursday, April 10, 2008

Driver Safety Program

Last year, I learned that my auto insurer offers a discount to drivers age 55 or above who attend the AARP Driver Safety Program. Since my recent birthday pushed me to the magic age, I decided it was time to attend. Heck, I figured that a review of the driving rules might be a good thing, but honestly I was motivated by the financial rewards. I also figured what the heck, it's only eight hours and it might be fun!

Oh boy, I'm here to say that it was anything but fun! First of all, it appeared that the majority of the class participants were closer to seventy-five than fifty-five. That fact didn't concern me until the instructor asked everyone to tell a story about their first driving experience and when they first received their license. Yep, the story train had left the station full speed a head and was never going to stop!

The clinker for me occurred on day number two; the instructor brought her dog to class because it suffers from attachment disorder. Oh boy, were is Cesar Millan , the Dog Whisper when you need him!

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