Thursday, April 24, 2008

"The Plan" Revisited

While marking an upcoming event on the calendar, it hit me that I have now been a “purposeless person”, also known as retired, for three months. I believe that Socrates once commented that an unexamined life is not worth living, so to that end, it’s time to reexamine my plan for retirement and to evaluate my accomplishments.

My “plan” called for the following:

Within the first month of retirement

perform at least one volunteer activity
host a dinner party
read a book
take a fun day trip

Within first three months of retirement

take two classes – for fun and to exercise the mind
plan a vacation
start a passion activity
begin a photo project

So what I have accomplished thus far? I have done pretty well in the volunteering department; currently I volunteer at the maritime museum and work with the Astoria Cruise Hosting group. Since January, I have also completed three classes at the community college as well as having read three books. As far as beginning a photography project, technically yes, but certainly not the one I originally had in mind. Oh well, the year is still young as far as opportunities for photography are concerned.

I have also taken several day trips but none were specifically designed as a fun activity. On the other hand, when one is retired, might it not be said that almost any trip is just for the fun of it?

On the down side, I still have not started a passion activity. I plan to as soon as I figure out what constitutes such an activity. Finally, for those of you who have been faithfully checking your mail box for an invitation to the dinner party, don’t give up. I have watched both Emeril Lagasse and Rachel Ray on the Food Network, but they have both failed to sufficiently inspire me to hit the kitchen, but the year is still young!


Paul said...

Steve, I've never been retired, but I think that when I do, I want for my life to be as meaningful as it is now. That said, I think that life has meaning all on its own, just because we are alive.

I took 5 months off a couple of years ago. Those were the best days of my life that I can remember. Sometimes I'd sleep half the day away, other times, I'd go out take pictures, sometimes go to a movie. I'd walk the dog everyday . It was seriously just a joy to be breathing and I was happy to not have to be one of those poor schleps who had to work every day to eek out a living.

So, I say let it go, let it flow. You've worked a lot, now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Whatever that passion is, I'm sure that you'll find it, in the mean time, just follow your nose!

Rhea said...

I am a long way from retired, but I like your approach to it. Planning activities. That's what I will do, one day...