Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cruise Hosting

So what is a cruise host anyway? As cruise host, I was a member of a contingency, 100 strong, who served cruise ship passengers in a capacity much like that of a hotel concierge: greeting the ship, providing information about transportation, activities, restaurants, shops, medical services, and more. Each spring, Astoria becomes a port of call for ships that are being repositioned to Alaska for the summer season. The weekly visits frequently brought 900+ people into our city for sight seeing and shopping opportunities. It also gave the hosts an opportunity to meet folks from many of the United States as well as from the following countries: Argentina, Barbados, Canada, Columbia, Cuba, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Philippians, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and Wales

Host, Dave C. is easily identifiable, wearing the blue jacket as he welcomed arriving passengers.

So what were the most frequently asked questions? The following are are are a few of the most popular requests:

  1. Where is the "Goonies House"?
  2. Is there a pharmacy near by?
  3. Where is the mall?
  4. Which way to Penney's?
  5. Where do we catch the bus to the Astoria Column?
  6. What should I see while visiting your city?

The spring cruise season began on a cold and rainy March morning and ended with similar weather on May 21st. I suppose until the fall hosting season begins, maybe I will have to shingle the porch roof and plant the garden!

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