Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Pleasant Spring Ride

One of the many things I hoped to do in retirement was go get out on nice days and ride my "tank like" mountain bike. Since we have had a rather cold and wet spring, those perfect opportunities have been few. This past Saturday did however present near perfect conditions with clear skies and temperatures in the low eighties.
My biking buddy Dale and I have been planning for months now to ride a few of the trails in Oregon's newest state park, L. L. Stub Steward. The park is located in the coast range mountains just 31 miles west of Portland. The park boasts 15 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horse back riding. As far as the trails go, the designers did an excellent job of layout and construction. The downside however is any where the tail is wet and a horse has passed over it, the surface is extremely rough to the point of being unrideable! We learned a valuable lesson on Saturday; horses and bikes don't mix!

On Monday morning, I decided to go for another ride but this time I took an easier trip which followed Astoria's River Walk Trail. The trail is mostly paved and follows along the Columbia River beginning at the port and heads east nearly to Tongue Point. A round trip ride is just over nine miles and on a typical foggy morning affords a view as seen below.

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