Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby It's Cold Out There

After nearly four weeks of snow, rain, flooding, and endless cloudy days, the skies finally cleared and the sun returned big time. Despite the sunshine, it's still January and that frequently means cold temperatures. Saturday morning it was a chilly 38 degrees but with the east wind howling, the wind chill made it feel more like 29 degrees.

My mission for the day was to host visitors on the Lightship for two hours and hopefully not freeze to death in the process. When I arrived to "assume command" of the boat so to speak, I checked to be sure that the heater was functioning at full throttle. Since the outside temperature was still brutal, I figured that few if any visitors would venture out from the warmth of the museum. Just as I got settled and was defrosting my frozen bones over the heater, I notice a few hardy souls approaching. The standard procedure is to greet visitors as they hit the deck and to share a little of Lightship's history. My picture of the ship's ensign might give you an indication of how strong the wind was blowing at this point.

Where as the wind was howling and quickly chilled one to the bone, I decided on a new greeting protocol for the day. I simply welcomed visitors into the ship to enjoy the warmth. No one complained and I noticed that most stayed well beyond the typical ten minute visit. I wonder why?


Amy said...

There's nothing like having the weather work FOR you! I hope you and your visitors had a great day.

Steve Skinner said...

Any day on the Lightship is fun because you get to meet all sorts of interesting people.