Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ice On The Chevy

It has become somewhat of a tradition to take down the Christmas tree and lights on the first weekend following New Years. Since yesterday was a particular nasty day weather wise and clearly the best place was inside, I decided to get a jump on the post Christmas chores. I took down all of the interior lights and miscellaneous decorations but decided to leave the tree for my lovely wife to un-decorate. We have tons of ornaments and each one has it's own special storage box so clearly this was not a job for me. If left to my own designs, I likely would toss everything in one box and call it good.

So the only project for today was to get out the step latter and remove the five strands of lights wrapped around the porch pillars. Upon opening the front door this morning at 6:30 AM, I noticed that the stars were visible in the sky. Although this is a joyful sight, it also mean that any moisture that fell during the night has frozen solid as a rock. When my foot slid off the first step, the "freezing moisture theory" was now confirmed.

As I write, the sunshine is attempting to burn through the clouds but the temperature remains barely above freezing. The front porch is still encased in ice, so use of the step ladder on it might be grounds for a Darwin Award nomination. Sadly, the exterior lights might have to brave another day of two clinging to the porch columns.

The picture is of my neighbor's '57 Chevy Apache pick up truck encased in a thick coat of ice. Pretty cool stuff.

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The Donut Guy said...

That's a cool picture....