Saturday, February 28, 2009

The “Local” Moai

I have always been fascinated with rocks of any kind. Being raised in New England, huge boulders deposited by retreating glaciers are a common sight. Our back yard had several that were larger than a VW Bug; we frequently used them for hiding places while playing hid and seek. So in every sense of the word, I was raised among the rocks.

So you might wonder why I became a forester as opposed to say a stone mason. Well, I also loved trees and fire; as a forester I was able to work with both. Fortunately, a career in forestry also gave me the opportunity to hike and climb on rocks of monstrous proportions, so in a sense I had the best of both worlds.

If I had a bucket list, it certainly would include a trip to the Easter Islands to hike among the giant Moai. The pictures I have seen of them are absolutely breathtaking but a picture only goes so far; there is no substitute for being there!


Eark Niire said...

I've always be fasinated with the Easter Islands and the giant stone Moai as well. Don't know I'll ever get there but who knows!

Amy said...

I've always been fascinated by the Moai. How wonderful that you've spent so much time exploring the great outdoors! I'm touched by your comment on my Lenten posts. Let me know how all turns out with the tweens!

Chris said...

I'm a stone head too, and although I would like the chance to see Easter Island too, we have hundreds of standing stones here in the UK too. If you've only seen Stonehenge, you haven't seen anything ;-)

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