Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stuck In The Shadows

I frequently find the shadow of an object more interesting than the thing its self. I was recently fascinated by the shadows cast by an overgrown rose bush onto the side of a house. I made a number of images as the sun's light progressed along the house but I found these two to be the strongest of the bunch.

Many thanks to my neighbor for providing the rose bush and the side of his house for use as a photographic project. He is also aware that the siding is in desperate of a paint job!

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Amy said...

Working in a art museum, I know all too well how important shadows can be. With certain art works, the lighting has to be so specific as to create specific shadows (which become part of the work, too). What a wonderful expression of creativity, Steve!

BTW, I'm glad my Lenten thoughts are challenging your teens on the opposite coast. I'm touched.