Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

While riding my bike last summer, I passed a local fish cannery and my eye was drawn to their plastic storage bins wrapped in plastic. I returned later in the day and made a number of images; I found the contrasting lines interesting. As the bins had just been placed on the pier, the plastic wrap was neat and tight. I made a mental note to return following several months of weathering to see if the image would improve.

This past Monday, I rode by the cannery once again and was pleased to see that the wrap had become more interesting with several months of weathering. Since the sun barely lite the eastern sky, photography was not an option at the moment. My plan was to return later in the week at a convenient time and to document the change. Alas, I waited too long because when I returned Tuesday, the bins were gone because the cannery had commenced their summer production schedule.

The moral of the story is simple, if you see a subject that is of interest to you, jump on it now because tomorrow may be too late!


Earl said...

When first looking at this photo, before reading the text, I did a double take trying to reconize the subject. What an interesting pattern that plastic wrap makes--looks like optical fiber strands at first glance.

Nice post! :-)

Steve Skinner said...

Thanks Earl. I have spent the past few days wondering how a photo of the weather plastic might have looked. Oh well, better luck next time.

Anita Jesse said...

I wonder if this lesson ever fully sinks in. We learn it—then re-learn it—then later we learn it again, and so on. I have often wondered about that mental mechanism that causes to believe we can always do it later. Maybe it's essential somehow. Maybe it's too disturbing to fully face just how temporary everything is.