Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In The Land Of Shadows

As I have said before, the shadow an object cast is often more interesting to me than the thing its self. Early one sunny morning, a rare event here, I noticed the magic created by a huge tulip popular on an office wall. I was busy with another mission that day so was unable to return with the camera. Finally, on May 5th everything came together and I spent nearly an hour capturing the shadows.

Now that summer is here, the tree is fully leafed-out and the finely detailed shadows are lost. Rest assured, they will return next spring!


Earl said...

I like the shadows too but I couldn't say exactly what it is that attracts me. Maybe it's because they're not always what they seem?

Shelby said...

interesting perspective

Anita Jesse said...

Yes. So often the object itself is just all right, but the shadow is fascinating. Maybe it's because the shadow is pure in its simplicity of line and shape. All those extra details are eliminated. It's similar to the effect of snow and the way it simplifies a landscape. What an interesting topic to introduce.