Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gardening Update

The above photo shows my vegetable garden as seen just before sunset a few evenings ago. Needless to say, the corn is unlikely to make it before the first frost unless I construct a mini-green house over the plot. I have come to the conclusion that the north Oregon coast is pretty poor country in which to grow corn.

In an attempt to increase my odds, I even planted an early variety call Early Sun Glow which is claims to produce within 63 days of planting. If my memory is correct, I sowed the corn around June 15th, so as of today it's been in the soil for a total of 54 days. Given that, it will take a miracle of unknown proportions in order to be harvesting corn in nine days. If by some chance it actually does, I will not have to hire help to harvest the crop!

Oh well, the radishes, lettuces, and peas that were planted in early June turned out just fine so this vegetable garden thing hasn't been a total waste!

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Earl said...

Steve, I've always found corn to be a little unpredictable in the garden plot situation. It seems to prefer open areas and lots of sun. Still the rest of your "crop" is looking good! :-)