Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Sunday AM Walk

Sunday morning I rose early with the intention of taking a bike ride along the beach but when I to get my bike, the weather changed my mind. During the night, the skies had turned to liquid as a heavy drizzle fell from the sky. As my bike does not have fenders, rides accompanied by any form of precipitation are less than enjoyable.

I changed plans and instead headed to Fort Stevens State Park for a hike along the banks of the Columbia River; just for the fun of it, I brought along the camera. Since it was just after sunrise and the drizzle was on and off, I had relatively low expectations for a photographic outing.

Despite the fact that it was a "low contrast" sort of day, photographically speaking, I was struck by the beauty before my eyes! The peace and quiet was also astounding as I had the entire beach to myself. This seldom happens during the month of August.

Looking east up river towards Astoria

There was an added bonus, the recent high tide had redistributed the sand so my foot prints were the first of the day.


Earl said...

Steve, The wife and I were at Fort Stevens State Park in May 2008 so your wonderful photos were a grand memory refresher. To walk beside the water or forest deep and listen to the sounds of nature--it doesn't get much better.

Steve Skinner said...

Earl, I remember seeing one of your images from Fort Stevens and as I recall, you made your photo in the same general area. It's a great location.

Anita Jesse said...

These are lovely. First, I was certain the first was my favorite, then the second, then--now, I don't know. I do know that I would love to take a walk there.

Steve Skinner said...


If you ever make it to Astoria, I would be very happy to take you out to the park so you can see it with your own eyes.