Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veteran's Day 2009

Last November, my wife and I traveled to Washington, DC for a week of exploration. One of the joys for me was our visit to the World War II Memorial which is located on the mall adjacent to the Washington Monument. Even by the standards of Washington, DC memorials, it's huge! My photo only shows one side, I am not sure that you could get the entire monument in one photo without resorting to stitching.

My dad was a veteran of WWII but he seldom mentioned his time in the service. If my memory is correct, I remember him making only two off-handed comments that revealed little of that part of his life. To this day, I still wonder why.

Several years ago, I created a page on the World War II Registry in an attempt to honor his contribution to the war effort. If you would like to honor someone or spend a little time browsing, the National WWII Memorial's web site can be found here.

Tomorrow we will once again celebrate Veteran's Day with parades, prayers, and quiet contemplation. If you happen to see a Veteran, take a moment and thank them for their service.


Pamela said...

I want to go back to DC and spend a whole week just visiting all those places (instead of one day, like we did some years ago)

Speaking of fathers in WW II you may enjoy this post


Steve Skinner said...

Pamela, thanks for sharing your father-in-laws story!

Anita Jesse said...

Thank you for this moving post. I always get quite emotional on Veteran's Day. I try to thank everyone I meet who has served. Mostly they appear embarrased and want to change the subject, but I think it is important for them to know that someone appreciates what they do.

Steve Skinner said...

Anita, I agree!