Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sunset At The Beach



Sunset from the South Jetty

I love to watch the sun as it dips into the Pacific Ocean but in the summer months, the sun doesn’t set before 9 PM.  Being more of an early morning person, that’s pretty late for me to be out and about.  As fall progresses, the golden hour happens much earlier in the evening.

A recent post by Monte inspired me to grab the camera and make a trip to the beach to watch the setting sun.  It was certainly worth the effort.  Thanks Monte!!


Looking south to Seaside from the South Jetty as the setting sun paints the jetty and the beach

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monstev said...

Love that sunset! I have a couple nice images I took from a trip out to Washington and Oregon a few years ago. Love them. In fact I have one frames on my wall.