Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Halloween Dilemma



Planning for the Halloween trick-or-treaters is always a dilemma. Who wants to be known as the only house in the neighborhood that ran out of candy.  Surely not me!  On the other hand, we have averaged less than twelve kids over the past ten years.

When I purchased candy this morning, I picked up a bag that will serve fifty.  It’s always best to be prepared, you never know! 


Tom Dills said...

It's always good to be prepared. And if you buy candy that you like, you don't mind leftovers! When I was young enough for trick-or-treating, a house that didn't have treats would run the risk of getting their windows soaped.

Steve Skinner said...

Tom, I told my wife the same thing but she didn't buy it!

monstev said...

Yes, preparedness is important. I love this cartoon!

Steve Skinner said...

Monte, me too!