Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Clouds Parted Briefly

The trees reflected in the flood waters

The past week we have received over six inches of precipitation from the near endless parade of storms that lashed the Oregon and Washington coast. Wednesday afternoon we received a brief respite from the rains and the sun showed its face for a few hours.  I took the opportunity to get out with the camera; many of my normal walking trails were soggy but I was still able to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty.


monstev said...

Glad you were able to get out. And, that statement brings a smile as I think about those in the past who lived their lives in the "out". There was little warm place to relax with a coffee, it was outside.
We are cold here after yesterdays snow, about 4 inches. It was 18 at 5:00 this morning I crawled out of be. It's now 14 after my walk to the coffee shop at 7:45 am. Hope it's above 20 when I head home. :-)

Steve Skinner said...

Monte,twenty degrees! Yikes, that's cold!

monstev said...

Makes my latte taste even better.

Earl said...

I hope the weather returns to normal and treats us all well in this coming year. Happy New Year, Steve!