Friday, January 8, 2016

My Favorite "Go To" Place

South Jetty Fort Stevens State Park

Today we received a welcomed break from the wet and wild weather that has been a near constant companion this winter.  Despite the sunny skies, there was a brisk wind blowing from the east and the temperature hovered just above forty degrees.  Monte, I know that you are chuckling, but for us that’s a bit on the cool side!
I spent time with the camera watching the waves crash into the South Jetty, my “go to” place,  I never leave there uninspired!


monstev said...

Wow, that is an image that expresses natures power and beauty. We did receive 6-6 inches of snow Thursday night through this morning. Sun is breaking through while fluffy snow flakes flutter in the air. Streets are icy and surprisingly the streets have few on them. I walked over to the coffee shop because it so beautiful. Love this weather but not the accompanying cold. Glad you got out to that favorite spot. If i'm ever out that way I need to see this spot.

Deanna said...

Those waves crashing make me feel small and in awe of the power of nature and God.

Steve Skinner said...

Count on it Monte!

Steve Skinner said...

Deanna, me too!