Friday, January 25, 2008

The Retirement Party

It seems to be a time honor tradition to have a party when someone retires, my departure from Forestry was no exception. For years I reasoned that we didn't have a party when I started the job so I saw no reason to have one when I left. My wish was not to be, my friend and coworker Debby T. insisted that we at least have coffee and cake during an afternoon break. So begins the story of my retirement party!

I offer a quick glimpse of how some foresters do a send off!

My boss was nearly ecstatic because it was the first time in many years I actually listened to what he had to say!

My lovely wife Patty who supports my retirement. I wonder if it's because I will have dinner ready when she arrives home from work each evening?

My friend and former coworker, Earl Rivers, relating an incident from thirty years ago that could have been left untold for maybe another ten years! Thanks Earl! I'll be at your retirement party in June, count on it!

In keeping with the tradition of a roast and toast, the "roastee" gets the last word. I use this opportunity well by preparing a PowerPoint presentation that shared a few stories of my own and named a few guilty cohorts!

Finally, the real reason people attend parties, the cake. In keeping with the goals of the employee wellness program, I requested carrot cake. The frosting on the other hand was butter cream which negated the health benefits of the carrots but tasted great none the less.

It turned out to be a fun afternoon and I am very glad that we had a party. Rare is the occasion that you get to see friends from long ago and far away while not attending a funeral!

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