Tuesday, January 1, 2008

There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays!

It seems as if you can not have a holiday without traveling and this year was no exception. Tradition dictates that every other year we fly to the east coast to celebrate Christmas with my family. Anyone who has flown recently can relate when I say that the “friendly skies” are definitely a thing of the past!

Our flight from Portland to Salt Lake City was delayed by a half hour while the plane was deiced. Since planes do not fly well when their wings are covered with ice and snow, that time was well spent! Upon arriving in Salt Lake City, we discovered that our connecting flight was in another concourse so the cross country hike was on. By the time we arrived at the departure gate, the flight was on final call so we jump aboard just minutes before the door was slammed shut.

Once the plane was deiced, we taxied for position in the departure line only to be diverted to a temporary parking area because of a problem with the aircraft's in-flight computer. We sat quietly for forty-five minutes while the pilots and the maintenance guys worked their magic! Since your options are severely limited once the plane is airborne, I am always very thankful when they find and fix mechanical problems before you reach the end of the runway!

Upon arrival in Boston, we were greeted at the baggage carousel with the tangle of unclaimed luggage from the prior day’s cancelled flights. Needles to say, I was very surprised and thankful when our bags rounded the corner on the baggage carousel. In fact, it might be the one of the best Christmas gifts a weary traveler can receive!

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Ptelea said...

This reminds me of my similar Christmas travel experience. I had no connections to make and no worrisome deadlines, so I just kicked back and relaxed with a good book and crossword puzzles as I waited out the delays. In matters of air travel and auto travel, as well - patience is a definite virtue!