Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Those, Lazy, Hazy, Crazy, Days of Summer Are Here – Part 3

It's now the middle of August and it's suppose to be the "dog days of summer" but instead the past few days have been rather wet here on the Oregon coast. The weatherman is predicting a significant weather event for tonight and tomorrow; the translation would be rain and lots of it!

Oh well, if you can not see summer in the sky or feel it in the air, you just have to create it in you mind! When I was just a young lad, the events shown in the photos definitely were a big part of any summer.

No summer was complete without a visit to Duxbury beach where the sand was red hot and the water was like liquid ice!

Me at Duxbury beach with my dad's aunts

Is anything more like summer than fishing for the "big one" in Narragansette Bay?

Uncle Bud tending my catch while cousin Joanne looks on

If neither of the above do it for you, definitely riding a mighty white steed has to be the highlight of any summer!

Oh, the good old days of summer!

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