Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fuel Discounts

Since I have been driving around for a couple of days with my vehicle's gas gauge reading empty, I figured that maybe it was time to purchase gas. Like many folks in out community, I now purchase gasoline from our mega-monster grocery store's fueling station. This particular store offers a three cent discount just for showing their version of a store rewards card. A couple of months ago, they enhanced their program; for every $100.00 spent in the store, they will increase your discount by ten cents per gallon. Overall, it's not a bad deal considering the price of fuel and how much we invest at the grocery store!

During a recent visit to the same store, I overheard an acquaintance brag that he had just accumulated his fourth discount, so as of that moment, he could save forty cent per gallon on a fuel purchase. He appeared pretty excited and why not, his savings would be substantial! A few seconds latter, I remember that he is the proud owner of a Hummer. At twelve - fourteen miles per gallon, he needs all the discounts available!

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