Friday, October 10, 2008

The World's Smallest Beach?

As I write, the temperature is only thirty-nine degrees, that's just a bit cold for early October! At the moment, it's nearly impossible to believe that only a few short weeks ago I was riding the river walk daily and enjoying the sights while working up a sweat. During yesterday's ride there was a brisk wind blowing and breaking a sweat was not an option!

Frequently during my summer rides, I would pass this beach and there would be a few tourist from the nearby hotel soaking up the afternoon sun. It's a bit of a hassle to get down onto the the beach because of the rock retaining wall, but if you make it down there, it's well worth the climb. It's almost like your own private beach, minus the privacy!

In early September, I passed by and notice a family enjoying the warmth of the afternoon with their three young sons. They were running about and constructing castles in the sand. I even notices a couple of the boys ventures out into the rather chilly waters of the Columbia River. On my second pass by, I witness the most incredible show of determination. A large ship was passing by the beach and the three boys were lined up along the water's edge with boogie boards in hand waiting to catch the wave. As luck would have it, I was without camera but witnessing their determination was as they say, priceless!

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