Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It is often said that gratitude is an attitude, but I wonder if we actually live our lives believing that it's true. A few weeks ago while visiting the east coast, I had the opportunity to spend the evening with an old high school friend . The past eighteen months have been difficult for he and his wife; she has waged an ongoing battle with cancer. As I write, it appears that the battle has been successful, but the unintended consequences of chemotherapy and radiation linger.

During dinner, I asked Cheryl how she was doing and she responded as follows: "Today is a good day, but you know, every day is a good day." What an attitude!


Earl said...

Steve, nice post. It so often seems those who are facing the toughest situations have the "gratitude attitude". I believe it's because in those moments what's most important becomes crystal clear.

I'm glad for your friends that the battle has been successful and I hope it remains so!

Steve Skinner said...

Thanks Earl. It my hope and prayer too!!