Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home Improvement?

If only home improvement project were as fun or easy as they appear to be in the near endless array of home and garden shows available on any cable network. One way or another, all of my projects go through the following stages:
  1. The early excitement of planning
  2. Joy and exuberance as the project begins
  3. Set backs early on day number one
  4. The arrival of reality on day two; what was I thinking!
  5. Acceptance on day three; now you started it, you have to finish it!

And so it goes with my plan to wall paper and paint the bedroom, living room, and the dining room before summer's end.

Actually, the wall paper peeled from the wall without too much difficulty. The paper's backing and the glue's residue were another story. I spent about ten hours scrapping off the old glue; as you might have guessed, I nicked the wall in several places. The next step will be patching and sanding each of the nicks and gouges before even opening a can of paint.

Oh how the joys of home ownership are never ending!


Earl said...

I'm been trying to find a way to block those home improvement channels from our cable. The wife watches them and the next thing I know we have a new project! Every room in our house has been redone in the last three years. :-)

Best of luck with your project!

Steve Skinner said...

I agree, home improvement channels should be against the law!

The Donut Guy said...

3 words....

Rent a steamer.

The steamer will take that glue residue off way faster then scraping it.