Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Harvest Is Plentiful?

I once read a story that advocated the growing of vegetable gardens in an attempt to get back to nature and to help feed a hungry planet. Well, my goal for a vegetable garden in 2008 was not so laudable; in fact I just wanted to produce some home grown corn, peas, beans, corn, and zucchini that we might enjoy. Even with the north Oregon coast's short and unpredictable growing season, it all seemed so doable when I began in June!

Now that it’s September, the harvest should be close at hand but sadly, if there is a harvest, it won’t take long or require additional assistance! As I write, the tomatoes continue to rot and fall from the vine before ripening. The usually over abundant zucchini plants produced just a handful of squash before they also fell victim to a nasty fungal rot. On the brighter side, the green beans and the peas provided a meal or two before beginning their decent into death by rot.

This spring while planning my garden’s design, I decided to plant the corn in the front of the plot. It was an attempt to showcase it for all to enjoy and perhaps even to envy. Well, the joke is on me, I planted over 36 corn seeds and only four survived. If the corn is not similarly afflicted by some type of rot, I might harvest a single ear of corn this weekend. I can hardly wait!

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Paul said...

Well, Steve! I'm here to wish you a bountiful harvest! I hope that your one ear of corn survives and that it is the tastiest thing that you've ever had. The fruits of your labor! :-)

Maybe you should plan trees, being an ex-forester and all. ;-)